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Our Infant-Toddler Program Builds Your Child’s Capacity To LearnĀ 

Each child has an individual learning plan, developed with parent involvement. This plan changes with the development of your child.

The parent-teacher partnership is the bedrock of our programming.

Age Appropriate Curriculum

We provide a learning curriculum that utilizes a child-centered approach for implementing the Early Learning Development Standards:

  • Developmental learning standards
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Language and Literacy Physician Development
  • Cognitive and General Knowledge

Our program helps your child acquire their toileting and other self-help skills.


Our center implements the Creative Curriculum. This curriculum is researched based and founded on these important principles:

  • Children learn through play
  • Teacher/Child relationship is essential
  • Parent/Teacher team is necessary
  • The learning environment is vital

Our curriculum is aligned with the state developmental learning standards.

Creative Curriculum is blended with our center-based curriculum, which provides many opportunities for parent engagement and involvement.

Healthy Meals

Freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided daily